Benefits of Sorted and Graded Fiber


  • Yearly harvest of fiber sorted into grades by color and length.
  • Individual Sort Record on each animal with data that includes fleece weight by body area, grade of each area, comments on luster/brightness, density and uniformity of crimp, test for tenderness,Sorters comments on fiber.
  • Sort Summary for the entire clip. Provides information on the amount of fiber in each grade, color and length category.
  • Increase in usable fiber – typically waste is less than 8 oz per alpaca
  • Increase in potential profit from fiber
  • Superior products created from sorted fiber
  • Less loss of fiber during production 
    (10-15% less than average)
  • Opportunity to become an Natural Fiber Producers  Cooperative
  • Suggested uses for each grade of fiber
    along with profit projections for each grade for retail and wholesale options.
  • Assistance with herd management – external parasites, skin conditions, fiber stress breaks
    can be identified and addressed during sorting process
  • No need to skirt fiber at a later date
  • Clip ready for processing
  • Once shearing day is over you’re done! 


For more information on sorting.

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